Love could be found even in… an accident!

Letitia Crampton’s life would totally change after she moved with her parents to England. She was raised in America and her only company now will be Kitty, her new best friend. They will spend most of their time together, until one day Letitia will have an accident and scrape her elbow and shoulder!

This day will be the day she will meet the love of her life, Neil Thorne the physician of the village! Neil’s passion was always to become a doctor and to accomplish that he had to refuse to take charge of his family business and move to a small town near Brinkwood.

They couldn’t avoid meeting each other after that and their love would grow. The only ones who stand in their way to happiness will be Letitia’s parents who want a nobleman for Letitia to gain a better position in society now that they have recently moved there. For Neil, this won’t be an easy task either since he has to deal with a lady of the town who would spread bad rumors about his relationship with Letitia.

They will have to overpass these obstacles and be together, but will their love be strong enough in the end?

*If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Lady’s Right Option”!

Buy “The Lady’s Right Option” and unlock the exciting story of Neil and Letitia today!

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