Jun 28

The Lady in the Gilded Cage – Preview

Chapter 1 A great expanse of mahogany desk stretched between young Cecilia Prescott and the solicitor rifling through her father’s old papers. As he looked up and met her gaze, she felt an even greater distance there in his eyes. He was trying to tell her and her mother something, and it was something he […]

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May 30

A Second Chance for the Tormented Lady – Preview

Chapter 1 Everdale 1819 Alston Castle was operating like silk over the back of Frederica’s hand. The house was under control, and she was proud of it. It had been too long since she had been mistress of any house, and though Alston was not her home to run, it was her pleasure to help […]

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May 03

Secret Dreams of a Fearless Governess – Preview

Chapter 1 Joanna Warrick looked up at the grand home in front of her. She barely had the courage to step out of the carriage, now that she was confronted with it. Her heart was heavy in her chest, and part of her wanted nothing more than to tell the driver to turn around and […]

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Dec 14

Entangled with the Duke

This Story will be live on Friday, 21th of December! Chapter One Lady Alexandra Woodley searched feverishly through the basket of freshly washed clothes. She knew she was rumpling the soft cotton fabrics but had little time to care about it. She made a note to apologize later to Polly, the maid, for making her […]

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May 24

Engaging Love

This Story will be live on Thursday, 31th of May! Chapter One   Natalie frowned at her elder sister, Bridget. Bridget was a lovely woman. Everyone said so. But Natalie rather thought she’d be prettier if she wasn’t always looking so stern. “That’s another suitor gone,” Bridget said. She sighed. It was times like these […]

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May 04

Saving Lady Abigail

This Story will be live on Friday, 11th of May! Prologue   “I just don’t understand how you could have done this without discussing it with me first,” the Earl of Gilchrist said to his only son. “I am twenty-six years of age, Father; I don’t need your permission to purchase a commission,” Lord Colton […]

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Apr 13

The Lady’s Patient

This Story is Livehttps://amzn.to/2rljYZN! Chapter One   Kitty looked at the pile of suitcases on her bed and smiled in relief. It was time to return home. At last. It had been a pleasant stay at the resort. She had enjoyed her usual week, plus an extra two days when, during a massage session, her […]

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Mar 08

The Lady’s Gamble

This Story will be live on Friday, 16th of March! Chapter One   Regina Hartfield concentrated on her stitches. Elizabeth was banging away at the pianoforte just one room over. It was threatening to disturb her calm. She did feel rather bad. It wasn’t Elizabeth’s fault she couldn’t play well. And she wasn’t trying to […]

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Feb 09

Falling for the Governess

Preface   My dearest Louisa, I fear my heart is broken. It is with the saddest news I find myself writing to you today. Just yesterday I received a visit from Mr. Jenkins, my father’s lawyer. As you know, my father was on a ship set for Cayman Island in relation to his import business. […]

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Jan 12

A Broken Heart’s Redemption

CHAPTER 1   Lucy peered through the slightly open doorway and rolled her eyes. The young man was probably around her age, wearing very expensive clothes that neither fit nor flattered him properly. He stood with his right shoulder slouched and fiddled with a bookmark. She continued to hesitate, watching his actions, wondering whether she […]

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