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Let love lead the way to the future...

After her father's suicide, Emma Taylor has lost everything: her parent, her fortune, her fiancé, and her status. Devastated by her grief and misfortune, she tries to find a job in order to make a living. Her friend, Lady Anne, finds her a job as a governess in the Duke of Lionfold’s estate. But her past won't stop following her.

Edward Goldmound, the Duke of Lionfold was severely injured during an expedition with the cavalry. It is a miracle that he is still alive but Lord Lionfold doesn’t feel very grateful for it. He is truly like a lion but an imprisoned one. His only consolation is his little sister, who he truly loves. They both have seen their lives changing. They both want to bury their past.

They both need to be loved. But do they have a chance? 

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “The Governess and the Duke”!

Buy “The Governess and the Duke” and unlock the exciting story of Edward's and Emma's today!

Also available with Kindle Unlimited!

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