Only true love can heal a broken heart...

Betrayal and Redemption

Georgianna Montgomery believed that her suitor abandoned her, leaving a mark on her reputation and deep scars on her soul. 

Walter Harris, the ever-charming Baron of Bartlett, finds out that the very thing that caused his self-inflicted exile for so long was just a rumor and he was naïve enough to believe it!

The young Baron makes it his purpose to try once again and win back Georgiana’s heart as well as find answers to the question burning in his mind: who would want to break him and the love of his life apart…? 

Desire and Fear

Martha Haskett's parents have been desperately looking for an advantageous marriage for her. Running out of options she desperately searches for an escape.

Jonas Dormer, the Baronet Dormer of Buckland, is a vastly wealthy and respected member of society. However, this high standing leaves him vulnerable to being taken advantage of.

Martha begs him to take her away from there and he offers her a position in his household. But he sees something in Martha, something unique and unlike anything he’s ever seen before.

Will her intentions be true?

Marriage by Mistake 

Michael Hale, Baron of Durham until he suddenly found himself face-to-face with the one person whose presence would turn any disaster into blissful solace; after all these years alone on foreign shores, this living embodiment of hope swept away every last doubt about whether or not destiny truly existed.

Helena Carlisle has been more interested in running her father's company than getting married. Until that fateful night when she meets Michael, a handsome stranger who shares an unforgettable connection with Helena.

But as their romance blossoms, they have to fight off various schemes from other key players looking for power within the family business!

If you like engaging characters, heart-wrenching twists and turns, and lots of romance, then you’ll love “Escaping a Scandal”! 

Buy “Escaping a Scandal” and unlock the exciting story of Georgianna, Martha, and Helena today!

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